Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Bouncy Feet Castles the best choice for my party/event?
The answer is simple – kids love Disney©. Kids love seeing their favorite characters and the vivid details of their favorite movies and stories. Allowing you to turn an otherwise ordinary kid’s party or corporate event into an exciting attraction that kids will remember and talk about for days after.
What safety equipment do you use?
Please see our safety statement for full details.
How much space do I need for a 12x12 unit?
You need a space that is at least 13ft wide and 16ft deep including mat and blower.
What happens with the payment on the day?
Full payment of the castle is taken when we set the unit up.
How long is the hire period?
Typically 6 hours, the hire period is flexible. Call us for details.
Do you deliver the bouncy castles?
Yes, we deliver the castles, set them up and pick them up after the hire period. We provide free delivery from our London base. If you live outside this area, a delivery charge may be added to the hire rate, call us for more details.
Do you stay and supervise the castles?
No, we don’t provide supervision. We have opted not to do this so we can keep our prices low. For us to provide supervision would require us to hire someone, which will increase the hire out rates of all of our castles.
Can the castle fit indoors?
Yes and no. They are around 12ft high, so you need clearance of 13ft indoors. They will fit into the local halls but they won’t fit into the average house.
How big are the bouncy castles? Are there any special requirements for hiring one?
Our bouncy castles are 4m x 4m and 5m x 5m in size. You must have a space available that will not risk contact with Sharp objects or trees. The bouncy castle runs on an electric blower, so we’ll need to have access to an electrical socket to plug in our blower.